Neurosurgeons are kinda like the kings of surgery, they just have to work to get there. If you are willing to become a Neurosurgeon you  have to complete a 1 year internship in general surgery, followed by a 5-7 year Neurosurgeon residency that can drive you crazy at night (due to long hours). Do that and your a Neurosurgeon, now you can finally sleep at night, right? Wrong, Neurosurgeons are expected to work an average of 70 hours a week, which means more time in the Hospital, less time at home. Neurosurgeons also have to be extremely careful, because you may be sued millions even after successful surgeries (so get a good night sleep). Now you definitely don't want to be a Neurosurgeon right. I mean think of all the cons: long hours, no sleep, less time with family, lots of school, and big lawsuits. There are two things however that might change your mind, for they put together, make being a Neurosurgeon worth all the effort. One things is being a hero, for Neurosurgeons save many lives (as well as many other doctors) and second is how much money they get. Neurosurgeons make an average $530,000 a year, but participating in a private practice (with experience and business arrangements) can earn you $700,000 up to $1,000,000 a year. Now go and save a soul and live in your mansion full of money. 

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